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"Natural Audio set out to find the finest sounding outdoor speaker on the planet. it's pick… 

James Loudspeaker speakers and subwoofers." 

-Electronic House Magazine Gold Award

All James products are specially designed with minimal visual presence in your interior or landscape designs. The result is solid sonic precision in the beauty of your surroundings.
Unrivaled in the industry...James' Innovative arrayof forward thinking features and patented technologies achieve flawless and faithful sound. Astonishing clarity of tone harmony and voice is brought to life...

James has always been a pioneer in providing great sound for on-wall TV displays. James provides three solutions for LED/Plasma/LCD TV applications, all with famous James performance and reliability. All three series are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and feature James designed proprietary transducers to get maximum performance from each size. James Loudspeaker products are renowned in the audio industry for our great sound. Now you can enjoy that great James sound AND have it custom tailored to fit your slim LED or Plasma display and match your home decor as well.

James Loudspeaker

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