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Climate control is an essential part of any complete home control solution. Maintaining the right temperature and humidity is important not only for the comfort of the people living in the home but also the protection of valued art and furnishing.

Built on steadfast infiNET™ technology, infiNET EX is the new standard in 2-way wireless connectivity that can handle installations in even the most urban settings. The redundant nature of its mesh networking technology means that a command will never be missed, resulting in faultless operation - something that is of the utmost importance when it comes to HVAC control and home automation. The infiNET thermostat harnesses this cutting edge wireless connectivity which affords it a level of robustness and dependability above other solutions.

Automation System Integration
The wireless connection to the control system allows the functions of the thermostat to be controlled from touchpanels, keypads, wireless remotes, computers, or even a mobile device. It supports unlimited flexibility for remote control, scheduling, and integration with other devices and systems. However, in the event that communication with the control system is disrupted for any reason, the thermostat will remain operable to control the HVAC system.

Climate Control

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